Promotional Videos

Promotional Video Marketing

Promotional Videos

Video marketing is all about creating videos that promote your company, drive sales, raise awareness of your products or services, and engage your customers.
It helps you connect with your audience and boosts information retention.
We create promotional videos that increase your brand awareness & sales

What we create


Customer testimonial videos
Product videos
Tutorial videos


We take care of everything, from the stock photos to the music for your videos.


Our video creation services are affordable and start from as little as R1000.

15 to 30 sec Promo Video Creation

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Why you need a promo video

Videos increase landing page conversion by over 60%.
Viewers retain more then 90% of the message when watching video compared to reading.
Videos on Facebook increase end user engagement by over 25%.

Sample Video


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our video creation service is a once-off charge.

Yes we can create longer videos, depending on your requirements.

We take care of the music for your videos.

Yes, it all depends on your requirements and we can provide you with a customer quote.

Need a video to promote your business, product or service?

We create promotional videos that increase brand awareness & sales

Want to create your own videos?

We are using an awesome tool called FlexClip. With FlexClip you can easily create stunning videos for your marketing campaigns, YouTube and more.

FlexClip is affordable and have a tons of features for both beginners and expert video creators.

We highly recommend FlexClip over other tools.